Scorpio is a Water sign that is considered to be the most sensual sign of the zodiac. People born between October 23 and November 21 are categorized in the Scorpio zodiac. Scorpions are known as the passionate, hyper-sexual and intelligent ones.

Being the water sign, people with Scorpio as their zodiac sign believe in living in the moment and express their feelings as much as they can. They are extremely passionate people who are strong-minded and highly decisive that makes them great leaders.

Here are some character traits of the Scorpions.

Focused and Determined
focusScorpions are known for their determination and ability to stay focused. When people with this zodiac sign make a decision, they stick to it till they succeed in what they want.

intuitionPeople with this zodiac sign possess powerful instincts and take actions trusting them. Such is the intuitive power of the Scorpions that they can even make predictions with the power of their mind.

Fitness-Tips-Cut-minScorpios are often great leaders. They own this powerful impel to succeed making a difference with everything they venture into.

balanceScorpions are people with high intelligence and deep emotions. It is the perfect balance of understanding that leads to a great result in terms of their life decisions.

téléchargementPossessing all quality traits leading them to be successful, Scorpions are highly secretive and mysterious with their plans in life, be it personal or professional.

independentTheir stubborn and resourceful attitude makes them independent and helps them deal with the facts in life with a grand passion. They are often known to create their own paths.

emotionalThese are the people with a lot of emotions reserved within them and do not let their emotions out very easily. They are the people with the golden soul and value every relationship to its fullest.

Faithful Lovers
faithfulOnce they fall in love, they are dedicated to their relationship with all their heart. Scorpions turn out to be great lovers who are loyal and honest with their partners.

Strengths – Resourceful, Stubborn, Passionate, Ambitious
Weaknesses – Distrusting, Jealous, Secretive
Likes – Truth, Facts
Dislikes – Dishonesty, Passive people

Do you relate yourself with any of these Scorpion traits?


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