It’s a first for the Yashraj Banner. The self-deprecating humour strategy adopted by YRF to promote its upcoming film Bank Chor might just be working in their favour. From the first video itself, the team at YRf or Y-Films has been churning out series of videos that are clearly aimed at poking fun at themselves. The intent seems clear, make fun of yourself before someone else does!

Bank ChorThe trailer of Bank Chor has already got 10 million hits on Youtube.

They also released the Imandaar trailer, the Indian version of the Honest trailer that is a rage in Hollywood.

Also to add to the humour they have started a web series called Chori Ka Trailers which have hit the right note with the youngsters and is going viral.

Looks like Bank Chor might turn the tide for Y-Films and YRF. The old formula of a small budget film doing wonders at the box office might just work for the production this time.


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