We have it on good account that a young, enthusiastic budding star is fast acquiring the reputation of rubbing people the wrong way. Especially big, connected people. And one certainly can’t do that with a superstar. But that’s what the young arrogant newbie, who has yet to give a mega hit, ended up doing. Our Jinns picked up a party whisper that it was none other than Bollywood’s biggest star who was recently irritated enough to have the newbie physically removed from a ‘happening’ party.

The Jinns hear that this young actor has had quite a lot of run-ins with various superstars of Bollywood. The latest encounter definitely takes the cake. The young actor who delivered a dud at the box office this year but managed to enter the 100 crore club last year with a biopic, attracted the ire of the superstar, who he has always claimed to be a fan of. At a recent party, they both attended, the youngster fawned all over the superstar initially, calling him his idol also. But the moment the mega star turned his back, the newbie, now four drinks down, began showing his ugly side. The not-so-sober young actor suddenly began hurling abuses at the big star for no apparent reason and also tried to point out that his last few big budgets had failed to garner the desired box office initial. The superstar, within earshot, was dignified and quiet initially and tried to ignore the whole thing; even laughing off the comments, but soon couldn’t stand the nasty drunkenness of the wannabe and called his guards to have the obnoxious lad escorted out. To much applause from the stressed crowd who were fed up with the loud behavior from the new kid on the block. Seems like he found out the hard way that it’s easy to be removed from the block too. It should teach the boy that manners are everything and one shouldn’t take mini success too seriously. After a run-in with the media, he learnt that no one messes with a big ‘un. Hopefully, the cold air outside the party sobered him up real fast!

Can you guess who?


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