There are many friends who are just perfect for us and in some way complete us, but a guy best friend is someone that we cannot replace with any of these special people. We have our father and boyfriend for all that support and love but there is a pinch of special bonding that stands this friendship out. However, we definitely do not count those guy friends who keep on whining about them being cornered to the friend zone.

Perks of Having a Guy Best Friend

They are much less drama

We all have some sort of regular drama going on in our lives. There are times when all we need is someone who can just be there without that extra pinch of DRAMA. Guys are generally pretty chilled out and so will this one best friend you have be like. He will not only be miles away from creating any sort of drama but will also make sure that the drama is swept away from you as much as possible.

They will never judge you

How would you feel if you could just be crazy and live your life the way you want? Doesn’t that just sound exciting to you? Well, this best friend of yours will definitely let you spread your wings and will have no judgment whatsoever for those drunk nights or for the number of you guys you date. They are always very protective of you and will love you for who you are.


They will be your best critic

We have different variations when it comes to the type of friends we have in our lives. Most of them are just a nod away from saying a yes for almost everything that we would want an honest opinion about. They are going to be harsh and tough on you but will always make sure that you see the mirror as it is. This might not seem like the best feeling at first but eventually that’s the best anyone could do to you.

They are good listeners

Most of us just have so much to talk that we need someone who is a
good listener and takes an equal interest in all our stories. There is a chance that some of us are not really talkers but when you are with your guy friend, there is always a great chance that you will have the best time chatting. Neither do they cut your topics and start their own talks, nor do they pretend and yawn even during some of the most boring conversations.


They can make a perfect date

Have you ever had that last minute freak-out when your date decided to cancel for some reason? Or maybe you wanted to visit a show where in only couple entry is permitted or is free of cost? All of us have been there. When you have a guy best friend, all you have to do is give them a call and they will act as a fix up to the problem. Since they are your best friend, you don’t have to worry for your date to turn out into a boring disaster. You can be assured of having a great time.

They will always have your back

It is the universal truth. Not everyone who is your friend will be there at your worst. You might be blessed to have many friends in your life and they might be around sharing all your great times making it awesome; but, it will be that guy friend who might not be a part of your celebration but will be there when you need them on your worst days.


They can make you smile

Well, not everyone is capable of making you smile. You might enjoy a great time with people around you and laugh hard; but take a pause and think, how many of those actually will take an effort to care for you to smile when you are sad? It takes a bond that is a lot more than just friendship. That one friend of yours will care enough for you to smile even when you don’t really feel like.

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