There’s a cute, funny and heart warmingly romantic TVC ad that’s gone viral! And we are loving it. The ad shows Anusha Sharma and Virat Kohli as guests in a wedding and soon start to role play as bride and groom and start imagining the vows they could be telling each other. The love in their eyes while sharing screen together, made us watch the adorable video on a loop.

The TVC ad where wedding setup with splendid decor and beautifully lit backdrop, features Anushka in a stunning red saree and Virat in his ethnic best look. It was very interesting to watch most loved Indian Cricketer saying that he will cook for fifteen days of the month and Bollywood stunning actress Anushka adding her dose of fun to it by saying she will eat it without complaining about its taste.

But the last vow of this much-in-love couple as they look straight into each other’s eyes and say they will always take care of each other always, left everyone with an ear to ear smile on their faces.

We have seen this couple already in Clear Shampoo ad, where they met and started reportedly dating right from 2013. In this ad they made their fans happy by giving this wonderful gift on the occasion of Diwali. Photos of are going viral from this TVC. Here is the ad with mesmerizing chemistry of these two.


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