Malayalam actress, Priya Prakash Varrier became an overnight sensation with just a wink. Her dramatic eyebrows and her flirtatious mannerisms swept the audience by their feet.

The famous wink is from a Malayalam song titled “Manikya Malaraya Poovi” from the film “Oru Adaar Love”. In this clip, Priya plays a school girl who is flirting with a fellow student (co-star Mohammed Roshan). In the video, the guy is dazed by the charming wink and smile of this girl just like the internet today is.

The viral wink has won Priya millions of fans from around the world. Her social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have all been verified with a blue tick mark that indicates a celebrity status in today’s world. Her Instagram account has increased to 3.3 million followers after this video went viral.

Overwhelmed with the new-found stardom the actress thankful to all her fans and explains that all her playful expressions were spontaneous in the video.

“All of this is so unexpected and I never expected such a huge reaction … What you see in that song was all spontaneous. The director asked me to do something cute and just asked me if I could wink,” said Varrier with a laugh.

She further adds, ““My family and I are confused about how to react to his instant fame. It happened overnight and I don’t how to really handle all this fame and attention. This is my first feature film.”

There several some funny memes circulating over the internet about this viral wink featuring Priya Prakash Varrier. Priya says, “I am aware of all the jokes too, but I am taking it all on a positive stride. I feel incredibly lucky and I want to thank all my supporters.”

The nation has found its new crush and #newnationalcrush is all over the internet.

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