Celebrities or Bollywood stars endorsing brands and featuring in advertisements is a done thing these days. From Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover promoting safe sex in a condom ad to Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli endorsing Mayanvar clothing – brands with celeb associations is an instant click with the audience. However, today we take a walk back to glance at some vintage ads featuring Celebrities – from the classic artwork to those vintage styles!

11 Vintage Bollywood Ads

1. Amjad Khan promoting Glucose-D (1975). Gabbar Singh in Glucose-D ad was an interesting and fun concept – almost like when Gabbar is endorsing something, you better buy it!

Amjad Khan Ad2. Lux is the brand, which always goes for eternal beauties of the era with their path-breaking creative ideas in 70’s Taglines like “Rekha wants only the best for her complexion” and “Sridevi loves the way Lux takes care of her Complexion” created a lot of buzz in the ’80’s when these ads released.

Rekha in a Lux adSridevi in Lux Ad3. Prem Chopra’s cooler side in a Hair Cream Ad in the ’70’s. One of Bollywood’s most favorite bad men – Prem Chopra campaigning for hair cream in this ad with a very catchy tagline “Stay cool, Stay Smart… Be Modern”.

Prem Chopra in Ad4. Mithun Chakraborty campaigns for the electronic brand “National” in the ’70’s. Watching Mithun Da in the vintage ad that will make you feel nostalgic.

Mithun Chakraborty in Ad5. The legendary Ashok Kumar in an ad for Prudent toothpaste! The man who added class to the Hindi Bollywood films and ruled millions of hearts with his charismatic onscreen appearances and personality.

Ashok Kumar in Ad6. Mr. Big B – stylish in a suit in the Bombay Dyeing advertisement Young then and Young now.

Big B in Bomaby Dyeing Ad7. When an intense personality like Shatrughan Sinha got together with Bagpiper – it had to be an instant hit! “Khaamosh” was the perfect message Bagpiper wanted to send to their competing brands.

Shatrughan Sinha in Whisky Ad8. A Rugged and Risque Jackie Shroff in the ’80’s Macho aftershave is here! The brand utilized Jackie Shroff’s Rugged, masculine and charming personality as their face.

Jackie Shroff in Savage Ad

9. Sangeeta Bijlani in Nirma washing powder Ad. All of us have grown up listening to this advertisement song “Washing powder Nirma”. Its been ages and still the lyrics of the songs have not changed much.

Sangeeta Bijlani in Ad10. Aamir Khan Riding HERO Puch. We all have seen Aamir Khan riding a bike and singing songs for his love in “Jo Jeeta who Sikandar” but very few of us have seen this advertisement in ‘80’s.

Aamir Khan in Ad11. Akshay Kumar in a Red & White cigarette ad – 1996 “Khataron ke Khiladi” Akshay was the perfect face to add brand value to this Red and White cigarette commercial.

Akshay Kumar in Ad

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