Varun Dhawan’s double role for Judwaa 2 is a known fact. We also know that all the scenes where both Raja and Prem are required, VFX will be used. But there will be a few scenes where a body double to Varun Dhawan will be required. Let us be the first one’s to tell you that a stuntman that goes by the name Chris will be Varun’s body double. Chris is part of team 3RUN that specializes in Parkour, Free Running and Martial Arts action sequences.

Varun Body Double for JudwaaJinnions has got its hands on a photograph that Chris uploaded today on his Instagram account with Varun Dhawan. It reads “Day 1 wrapped up with team Parkour. Doubling for Varun Dhawan”

Varun Body Double for JudwaaWith Varun’s exact height, 6 Pack Abs and almost the same haircut, looks like Varun sure has a fine doppelganger in the UK.

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