It may have felt like a fun selfie with a fan at the time of clicking it, but later actor Varun Dhawan had to apologize for his daredevil act.

While the selfie with the fan was taken at a traffic signal while both the vehicles were not moving, Varun and his fan stretched themselves out for the photograph. And that did not go down very well with the Mumbai Police.

They called out to the actor on his ‘adventure’ with a tweet saying these adventures are better suited for the silver screen. And him being a youth icon should have been more careful. And also that an E Challan was on it’s way!

Varun Dhawan was quick to acknowledge his mistake and apologised saying he did this since the cars weren’t moving at the signal and he didn’t want to hurt the fan’s sentiments.

And while the Mumbai Police appreciated Varun Dhawan’s effort to not disappoint a fan, they maintained it was a risky move to take the selfie in this fashion! And on their part, acknowledged that Varun had taken the message in the right spirit!


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