With Valentine’s week going on, everything around is all about love and relationships. There might be many reasons for you to shower your partner with affection on this day and make it memorable; but for the ones not in love, this is a chance to fall in love with the idea of “love yourself”.

There are zillion possible ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day all by yourself and feel right about it. Know your worth and go on with a positive zeal of celebration.

Valentine’s Day 2018 Celebration for Singles

Movie Marathon

Pick a stash of your favorite movies and begin with your day. You don’t have to restrict yourself from watching romantic movies, go for it if you like it. Invite your girl friends over and go crazy.

Single’s Subscription Box

Valentine’s is all about showering love; why not shower it to yourself? Gift yourself a couple of subscription boxes. These boxes have a lot of surprising stuff that you will be delighted to have.


Just go on a shopping spree with your bestie and have the craziest day ever! There is nothing better than sharing common interests with the one person you love the most.

Celebrate with your BFF

You have been with your best friend for almost a decade and she knows all about your deeds in life and yet chose to love you. Rejoice this day of love with her.

Pamper Yourself

This day is all about pampering. Book an appointment to the spa and spoil yourself with manicure, pedicure and a body massage. You deserve all the love in the world.

Go on a Vacation

There is nothing endearing than traveling! This is your chance to the solo trip you never took. Plan your day in advance and visit an extraordinary place you have always wanted to visit. You will thank yourself later for this.

Secret Valentine

You all know about “Secret Santa” right? Here’s introducing Secret Valentine! Gather your friends and surprise each other with gifts. What could be more special than this?

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