While you travel, your bag, your luggage, and your attire are the few things, which definitely gives a vibe of your personality. Deciding your travel bag is the first and one of the most the important things when you are planning a trip. But before that, you need to think about is what kind of trip you are doing.

Two Types of Trips People go for:

  1. Backpacking
  2. Expedition

What is Backpacking? Well, 90-95% people go for backpacking. Backpacking means that you are taking a trip, which includes more than one destination, either in different countries or within the same country in different locations. Here you tend to stay in hotels/motels, hostels, and transportation is likely to be buses, trains, or taxis and other local transport.

Where an Expedition, people go to trekking for multiple days. Here they explore the one destination by following the entire way from one point to other and carry their own gear all the way. This might be through a jungle, in the mountains or in another remote environment. You are likely to be sleeping in tents or hammocks, cooking on stoves and exploring the wild side of nature.

While planning a trip, picking the right backpack is an important part of it. Big bags for your extra luggage, a small one for your basic daily needs, waterproof bags for your important stuff and a fancy one for your luxury trips. Here we are giving you options for everything, so pick your next bag smartly and let it be the signature of your travel diary.

Types of Traveling Bag

1. The Big Briefcase

Briefcase typically has hard sides both inside and out, which help in protecting expensive clothes and important documents from crinkling. So chose one big briefcase if you are planning a business trip.

Brand Picks: Samsonite, McKlein USA, Kenneth.

Types of Traveling Bag - Brief Case2. The Backpack

The plus point of having backpack is, it is the most comfortable bag among all. Even weight distribution on both shoulders and hands are free to do the other stuff. The rucksack is best for travelers who wander from one place to another with their luggage looking for more options to explore.

Brand Picks: Wildcraft, Quechua, Herschel, Nike, Quiksilver.

Types of Traveling Bag - Rucksack3. The Rolling Bag

Did you plan for multiple destinations? Well, all you need is The Rolling Bag, easy to carry from one place to another without having much trouble.

Brand Pick: Delsey, Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, Skybags, Samsonite, American Tourister.

Types of Traveling Bag - Trolley bag4. The Duffel Bag

The Duffel bag will always give you a classy and sassy look while you travel. This choice is best when the travel period is small and you try to cover more in short time span. Also, this is ideal for those travelers who usually bring sports equipment and want versatility in carrying luggage.

Brand Pick: Blue Patch, Wildcraft, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Tumi, eBags, Eagle Creek.

Types of Traveling Bag - Duffel Bag5. The Laptop Bag/Slipcase

Slicky smart laptop case definitely is an add-on to your personality while traveling. A good laptop bag will have at least one compartment to store a laptop charger in. It’s always best to carry a laptop case with your other luggage bags during your trip. People who love to work while traveling should always carry a laptop in a smart separate laptop case.

Brand Picks: Samsonite, Scharf, Caprese Satchel, Cenzo, JanSport, Mobile Edge.

Types of Traveling Bag - Laptop bagNow you have an idea about which bag you can carry to your next coming trip. You can also refer to the size and weight guidelines for your travel bag. Here are some rough guidelines:

  • Weekend trips – 52-liter bag size – Duffel, pack or bag
  • 1 to 2-week trips – 65 liter – Travel Pack or Wheeled luggage
  • Expeditions – Several 65-liter bags – All types

So which types of traveling bag you are going to carry in your next trip?
Happy Traveling!


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