Imagine a man, if you will, living in his cozy home. Why exactly do you think would he feel the need to travel? He has everything he needs – a steady job that doesn’t have a demanding commute, a partner that he is very much in love with, and glorious weather every time he steps outside. What more could he ask for? What he doesn’t know is that across the street, over the hedge and about six kilometers away from the station is a fancy hotel that serves over five varieties of his favorite cheese. Or that the town nearby has an annual cultural event, where his singing voice could’ve given the other lads a tough competition.

Why Travel is Important?

While all this might be a slight overuse of our imagination, the point remains. The man’s satisfaction with his surroundings and his comfortable life have led him to miss out on things he would’ve otherwise reveled in.

Travel exposes you to a whole new world of possibilities, some you may not have even imagined. For instance, did you know that the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland has, since 2006, been hosting an annual Golden Retriever Festival? A record of 222 dogs gathered this past July to create the cutest photo ever. If you’re not a dog person, this might be more up your alley: Cocos Island – roughly 300 miles offshore from Costa Rica offers a chance to dive into the Pacific waters and swim with hammerhead sharks. Incidentally, the island was also the inspiration for Jurassic Park.

Travel is Improtant

It’s more than just about experiencing something new, travel adds value to your personality. It makes you richer every time you interact with someone new – in terms of knowledge, self-growth and even personality development. A person who has never seen the fjords in Norway will have a hard time understanding true beauty. Someone who has never seen a live Capoeira performance in Brazil won’t easily comprehend how martial arts can be beautiful and friendly. More than anything, if you’ve never been outside of the country, you won’t understand why Indians are known as the loudest bunch or travelers – and rightly so.

Traveling to a foreign land with little knowledge about it, and returning with a camera full of memories and a head full of new facts and experiences also contributes to your being. You will find yourself excited to know more, do more and be more. A refreshing sense of purpose and inspiration will find you – even your job won’t seem dull and monotonous.

For what it’s worth – and it’s worth a lot, give travel a chance.


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