The much anticipated TIME magazine Person of the Year award is out. And it’s conferred upon a Group this year. Called ‘The Silence Breakers’, Time has referred to those who spoke out against sexual misconduct. Including heavyweight names like Harvey Weinstein (from where it all started) and Kevin Spacey. Snowballing into a movement with a hashtag #MeToo that reverberated the cry of victims worldwide. It took the courage of those who spoke out against harassment worldwide that led Time to honour those who risked their reputations, even careers, to speak out against such predatory behavior.

The #MeToo hashtag was created a decade ago by activist #TaranaBurke but it’s only towards end 2017 did it become a gargantuan movement that finally toppled men of powers including Hollywood studio head Weinstein, actor Spacey and comedian Louis CK and NBA anchor Matt Lauer among others. A collective voice that could overcome power and being a delayed sense of justice to the victim.

USA President Donald Trump was in line to win a second time on the trot but he came in second with Chinese premier Xi Xinping coming in third.

Time has once again created a talking point that will laud those who deserve more than applause.


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