When the climax has Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Thor’ getting out of his spacecraft for the final battle with evil and the background score belts out Led Zepellin’s ‘Immigrant Song’, you know it’s a huge winner.

But then we all knew that the God of Thunder was set to steal the thunder anyway. All Marvel superheroes do. (This is the 17th straight Marvel film to open at Number One.) Yet, there is something about the Zepellin classic, the remixed ‘Immigrant Song’ that gets your hackles up, your adrenaline pumping and makes you want to jump in the midst of the 3D action.

Thor Ragnarok Movie ImagesDon’t believe me? Check out the new age ‘Immigrant Song’ here…
The Ninja Kore Remix…

After all, Thor was an immigrant on earth. So were half the Marvel heroes. And the theme of the world currently is the migrant crisis and how nations should deal with migrants.

It touches upon how politics deals with migrants too. Treating them as bottom echelons of society; and in exaggerated forms, like slaves. This is precisely what ‘Thor Ragnarok’ touches upon. Images of the green Hulk wearing gladiator attire in a Roman style arena only ignite the dark side of Roman history. Where Rome was all and rest was gore.

Thor Ragnarok Movie 2017Of course, there is humour. Dark humour. There always is when the downtrodden braves look down upon themselves and can only laugh at their situations. But a superhero can never be downtrodden right? So we have here, imprisoned heroes and loony villains to amplify the ‘hero’ effect. Their plight is more powerful than that of their real migrant brothers – mere humans.

Thor Ragnarok Marvel MovieAn example of the loony villain is the classic Jeff Goldblum costumed in alien threads and equally alien goatee, and calling himself ‘Grandmaster’ watching battles between his ‘slaves’. A throwback to Bruce Lee’s ‘Enter The Dragon’ where Chinese warlords rule over exotic islands.

Thor Ragnarok WallpaperSuperhero movies have the loonies ruling entire planets. ‘Enter the Dragon’ has shots of John Saxon showing off his muscled torso in skimpy towels. Superhero movies have a green Hulk in a small towel after he gets out of a hot tub? Weird? Not at inter-galactic levels. The common theme is, of course, great humour. And in a superhero movie without Ironman’s wisecracks, it was up to Thor and Hulk to keep up the camaraderie.

Cate Blanchet evil sister of Thor, Hela; and the defanged Loki (reduced to a sidekick here) crack jokes that migrants do. Laughing at their super-scaled situations of course. But migrants they are. Something that will resonate with the world of today.

Thor Ragnarok ReviewAs for Zepellin’s remixed ‘Immigration Song’, it can only bring the house down. No wonder this ‘Revengers’ (that’s what they say here) story is smashing box office records worldwide like Hulk on steroids and Thor on Thunderbolts. Hoo haa. Unmissable. Catch it if ye can get the tickets. Like Hulk says, “Hulk raging fire, Thor smouldering fire’. ‘Thor Ragnarok’ is both. With a dash of Bruce Lee thrown in. That’s action and fun remixed.

Catch the ‘Thor Ragnarok’ official trailer here…


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