Taurus being the second sign of the zodiac is represented by the sign bull that defines strength and power just like a bull. People who are born between the dates of April 21 st to May 21st are the ones categorized with the traits of this zodiac sign. It is generally known to be an earth sign and people belonging to this sign are identified to be well rooted.

Here we have put together a list of characteristic traits of this sign giving you an insight into what it really would mean to be born under this sign or to have a partner who happens to be a Taurus.

Taurus Personality Traits 2017

Taurus, the bull, is the great stabilizer of the zodiac. Taurus individuals are down to earth, practical, methodical, have epicurean tastes, finely tuned senses, and an eye for beauty, but they can also be painfully intransigent. However, they’re usually kind, gentle, hardworking souls who are loyal, steadfast and although known to be somewhat frugal, they will generously lend a helping hand to family, friends, or even strangers.


They believe in laying a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Hence, they make sure that they are independent, emotionally and financially. They are go getters who rely only on themselves.


People belonging to this zodiac sign are often looked up for some great advice due to their practical approach towards life. They are the ones known to have some real common sense and are always first on the list when in need of some sensible talks.

Taurus Personality Traits 2017 HoroscopeHONEST

They don’t beat around the bush. Taurus prefer straight talk and like transparency. They are direct with their approach and sometimes are even mistaken for being rude. However, they are highly respected for their honesty.


They might be stubborn or impatient by character but when it comes to people who matter actually matter to them, they do have a compassionate side to their personality. They would do almost anything for their loved ones. Such people are a real keeper when it comes to family, friends, and relationships. In fact, they are considered to be one of the most trustworthy zodiac signs.

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Such people are often very practical in life. They are often known to be the spine of their families. They do not make decisions with the possibility of circumstances, they deal with facts and always have a backup in case of any mishaps.


They are tough, realistic and strong; but they are real sensitive and emotional when it comes to dealing with relationships. A heartbreak is something that can leave them shattered out of everything in life. They generally take a lot of time to let things go and move on to their usual self.

Taurus Personality Traits 2017 LoveRELIABLE

These people are highly dependable. If you rely on them for something, they will never leave you disappointed.


They are pretty amazing at dealing with facts in life. Once they are certain about their goals, they make sure that they stay focused and work with complete determination. This is something that permits them to achieve their dreams.

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