Heard about the tastiest food in Mumbai? Bored of hogging at the same restaurant, exhausted your local search and want to eat something tasty? Visiting Mumbai and wondering what food does this city serve? We got you covered the best Mumbai Food.

Stop thinking about your diet and pamper your taste buds once in a while. Here is our list of some of the tastiest meals across Mumbai. Forget your dietitian, a few tasty calories are the best treatment you can give your body. Ja Simran Ja, Khaale apni har khushi!

5 Tastiest Mumbai Food


No other snack in Mumbai is as popular as the Vada-Pav. It’s the Indian take on a burger, which is (considered by many) tastier than the latter. Easily accessible from streets and some specialized snack corners, this is more like a mid-meal between meals. The best part being how cheap Vada-Pav costs! There are some specialized chains that offer varieties of Vada-Pav while maintaining the original Maharashtrian essence of the snack. Head over to Shiv Vada-Pav center in Dadar or Anand in Vile Parle or scout for any Jumbo Vada-Pav center across Mumbai to taste the snack of this city.

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Chicken Rolls at Bademiyan

As popular as the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, this food joint is a happening & crowded place post midnight. Located on the back streets of Taj Mahal Hotel, this is a place for every nonvegetarian food junkies. Wrapped in freshly made roomali rotis, you can also customize your order with the varied chatnis and fried onions as the rolls are prepared based on your order. Served hot, these rolls taste amazing with a sip of your favorite drink.

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Kheema Pav and Chai

When you talk about this combination, the only thing that strikes a Mumbaikar’s mind is Olympia Coffee House at Colaba. As the name suggests, the coffee here is good as well, but then if you really want the Zayka of Mumbai, especially Colaba, order a Kheema Pav with Chai at this restaurant. The taste is absolute bliss, add to the fact that the quantity is enough to suffice a healthy meal and you have one of the tastiest meals across Mumbai.

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Mumbai comprises of several islands and the list would be incomplete without the amazing seafood that this city has to offer. While most would suggest all the fancier restaurants across Mumbai, ditch the ambiance game and head over to Gomantak at Dadar or Mahesh Lunch Home, Fort. Prepared in authentic Maharashtrian masalas, the seafood available at these two places is one of the best across the globe. Order a crab or the delicacies of the day and be prepared to burp out excitement.

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Vegetarian Delights

Oh, you’re a vegetarian and want to hog some tasty meals. There is nothing tastier than a thali at Bharat Tarachand or the variety of snacks at Aaswad Uphar and Mithai Gruh. While the former will serve you with a variety of tasty thalis that will have your tummy smile, the latter is all about a variety of snacks from authentic Maharashtrian snacks to South Indian food to Pani Puri and some mouth-watering sweets to choose from. These two places are vegetarian delights that will fulfill all your vegetarian fantasies.

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No matter what kind of a foodie you are, Mumbai has you covered. But, if you are someone who is bored of their regular meals or visiting Mumbai for the first time, try out our list and let us know about your experience. If you are a Mumbaikar and would like to add to this list, head over to our comment section below and share our love for Mumbai food.


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