2 days back an image of Sushant Singh Rajput in a spacesuit was splashed all over the internet and Twitterati went crazy captioning it as the ‘First Indian actor to be in NASA’. First, we were elated, then we were confused, then we realised that’s not true and then in Sushant’s words, we were #SelfMusing. We have seen SRK in Swades and Akshay Kumar in Jaan-e-man so what was the fuss all about? But then realised he is the first Indian actor to be trained at NASA.

sushant in Nasa

If we go back in time the first time any actor or a film got affiliated with NASA was Shahrukh KHan for Swades. The actor shot a lot at NASA for his 2004 film. Shahrukh Khan’s role was that of Mohan Bhargava an Indian who works as a Global precipitation manager(GPM) at NASA in the United States.

Swades NasaSwades NasaSwades NasaSwades NasaThe second time was Shirish Kunder’s debut film, Jaan-e-Man. Jaan-e-Man in which he had Akshay Kumar and Preity Zinta in double roles and one of them played astronauts with NASA. The even shot wearing NASA spacesuit.

Akshay Kumar NasaAkshay Kumar NasaThough Sushant Singh Rajputs over enthusiastic fans pitched his NASA training as the first Indian actor to ever be in NASA the main fact got lost in the social media brouhaha. Swades and Jaane-e-man both didn’t give it’s audience the real time space experience but we hope ‘Chanda Mama Door Ke’ becomes the first Indian space film. The film will go on floors in January.

Jaan e Mann movie posterSwades movie poster

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