Summer is here. It’s that time of the year when your wardrobe is reinvented and surely needs a summer makeover. Styling in summer can be a task with all the heat and humidity that surrounds us. There are infinite reasons for you to be happy in summer along with the fact that you can just wear anything and everything with a minimum styling and still look your best. Here are some stylish summer trends 2017 outfit ideas to play with colors this season and flaunt perfect that chic look. We don’t want to take the risk of messing up our fashion sense as summer is considered hip.

Summer Trends 2017

Floral trend

So floral is a pattern that resonates with your personality not just in summer but in almost all the seasons. What can you do different that would make your floral outfit stand out from the others?

Floral Summer Trends 2017Bloom your floral outfit in the bottoms for starters. Pair it with a lightly shaded top to give it the summer feel. If you are wearing a floral dress be it long or short; brace it up with a summer jacket. Avoid carrying a handbag with a floral dress and keep your accessory to the minimal.

All White look

Won’t you just fall for an all-white look? White is the color that brings out the elegant lady out of you. You can flaunt a white dress of any length paired with nude shade footwear. Whether you are headed to the beach or the city streets, this look will make heads turn up.

White Summer Trends 2017You can pair your white shorts with a white tee for any casual outing. Adding a cardigan or shrug off a complementary color would add to your fashion ensemble.

Jumpsuits / Rompers

Jumpsuits are just everywhere these days. They complement your casual look as much as they enhance the occasional gaze. Wear a tube pattern or a printed outline and just go pair it up with casual shoes for an informal city walk.

Jumpsuits and Rompers Summer Trends 2017A romper, on the other hand, gives that bubbly push making you flaunt the stylish Barbie diva. Go for light shades or floral prints when opting for a romper. This particular outfit look is highly figured by the hairstyle you flaunt, so select your hairstyle wisely.

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Graphic tees

The graphic tees are just so awesome. Obviously, opting for the light shades would be the right thing to do but you can also play with neon colors here. Pair it up with casual shorts or skirts and you are summer ready for any occasion you are headed for.

T-Shirts Summer Trends 2017Stripes

Striped dresses and tees are making style statement everywhere. Always, sport horizontal stripes unless, there is something really intriguing which cannot be avoided.

Stripes Summer Trends 2017

Slits are a great way to flaunt your striped outfit. So, if you’re opting for a striped dress, be sure that you carry it with a glam quotient of a slit. Wearing a flip flop for a casual dress is just what you would need to show off this outfit.


Isn’t this just everyone’s favorite shade today? Be it a dress, or a shirt or an absolute denim on denim look; you cannot go wrong with the Chambray marking. Don’t think too much about accessorizing this look as there is no possibility of going wrong with this particular outfit style.

Chambray Summer Trends 2017Which is your favorite summer outfit idea? Have any outfit idea to add? Share it with us in the comment section.


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