Remember Sonam? The gorgeous actress of the late 80s-early 90s who made waves when she stormed the screen with her sizzling ‘tirchitopi wale’ number in the blockbuster hit ‘Tridev‘? The then 16 year old even went on to doing more blockbusters like ‘Vishmatma’, ‘Ajooba’, ‘Mitti aur Sona’, and much more. Soon becoming the darling of the nation and working with all the big heroes and makers.

Tridev Actress SonamCompeting fiercely with two actresses – Madhuri, Juhi, and SangeetaBijlani – by virtue of them all being in the same batch of actresses. But she suddenly threw it all away by marrying her ‘Tridev’ director Rajiv Rai and living a life away from the arc lights.

Soon blessed with a son Rolly, they moved abroad and gave the best education to him. But all wasn’t well when they returned to Mumbai. There was discord and an irreparable situation surfaced between husband and wife. Until they decided to divorce. According to sources close to the actress, she didn’t get much in alimony or maintenance from her millionaire south Mumbai husband and was forced to move back to the suburbs with her son. But no one ever confirmed or denied these stories.

Tridev Actress Sonam MarriedThat’s why we, as well-wishers of the lovely heroine, were thrilled to hear that she had remarried. The man in question? A Kerala based businessman named Murali Poduval, also a divorcee, who met her in Pondicherry earlier this year. But they were just friends. He proposed to her post her divorce and has been a rock to her ever since. She said ‘Yes’ without much ado.

It’s also interesting to note that he loves Rolly and shall live with him and her. And he’s changed his name to Mustafa for purposes of the nikaah ceremony. Sonam sounded thrilled when we spoke with her. “Yes yes. It’s all true. He’s been a rock and we discovered love in a hopeless place, as the song goes. Haha. Kidding. Well. We both were divorcees and things can seem pretty hopeless after that. But he was awesome and when he popped the question I said yes. We married in a simple ceremony on the 14 of April. With the full blessings of Rolly and my family”.

Tridev Actress Sonam MarriedWe asked the girl, also a niece of actor Raza Murad, If ex Rajiv knew? “We are not in touch after our mutually decided divorce. I live with my son on my own. But I’m sure he does and wishes me well.” What about talk that she may be coming back to the silver screen? “Yes. I’m seriously thinking of returning to movies. I gave it up after marrying Rajiv. And didn’t act in his hits like ‘Gupt’ and ‘Mohra’ because I liked tending to home. But now I will go back. I have explored some options and there have been some preliminary discussions. Let’s see.”

Indeed. Exciting developments for one of India’s heart-throbs who has started opposite every major star of the time. It’ll be OyeOye time again. One more time. That’s what stardom is all about. Right? Welcome Sonam!

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