Relationships can be complicated. As beautiful as it is to stay in love, breakups can be tough. It’s really hard to get over your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend if your relationship was more of a serious commitment.
If you are the one dealing with a break up then staying strong and positive is all you need to do at this time. Here are 10 signs to imply that you might still be in love with your ex.

You stalk his/her Social Media
Every time you check Facebook, Instagram or any other social media site; you end up scrolling his/her page. This is literally stalking someone you don’t want/need in your life.

You make your presence felt
If you are the one who is attending parties or gatherings to places where you see possibilities of coming across your ex, then you are totally into him/her. You need to stop doing this.

You constantly think about him/her
If he/she is the one on your mind day and night; then you really to find a new hobby that will lead you to produce results.

You can’t stop texting
There must be many instances when dozens of feelings process in your mind altogether. If you are the one writing those feelings down with a text message and deleting them in the end; then you are not even across stage one of break up.

You check out your pictures together
Usually, people end up deleting the pictures and other data of their ex from their phones but there are many who tend to save it all for some time in the future. They keep looking at these pictures and tend to be sadder. Looking back at these pictures gives you no reason to move on.

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You can’t stop talking about him/her
He/she is the only topic of discussion with your friends when you decide to speak for a change. Talking about your ex is not going to do any good to you.

You feel good to see him/her
This is a big no-no. If looking at your ex-makes you feel good then you are completely into him/her. If moving on is what you seek then getting busy and productive with your leisure pursuit is what you should do.

You have a sad/romantic ballads playlist
Your taste in music states a lot about your personality. If your playlist has the recent additions in the name of sad songs of all kinds, then you definitely need to change your playlist as soon as you realize.

You have lost hope in love
Do you still feel good about the concept of love? Losing hope in love is something ordinary post break-up but you need to get hold of this for good.

You compare every other love interest with him/her
Now, this comes naturally once you try to mingle with new guys/girls. Try to close this chapter and take a fresh start.

Are you the one with the signs in love with your ex?


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