It seems that the world of Modelling and TV hosting is getting a whole new flavor with the focus shifting to short films and web series being the fad of the day. Now it’s the turn of the gorgeous Shonali Nagrani (best known for being an anchor on Zoom tv and on Sony TV’s cricket matches; apart from being an actress in several movies). The lovely girl is now a producer who has just produced her first short film called ‘Bloody Swine’. It’s a whodunit that’s crisp and to the point and sets hearts pounding as the climax draws to a close. It also has plenty of dark humor and resolves via poetic justice.

‘Bloody Swine’ tells the story of a young Indian Catholic couple – who live in a small town. Maria’s passion is to cook and she runs a dabba business from home. Her dream is to open a cooking school while Albert, a small thinking wastrel keeps making Maria a punching bag no thanks to his own insecurities.

Shonali has forayed into production and also acted in Bloody Swine. The production company ‘House of Films’ is co-owned by her husband Shiraz Bhattacharya who has directed the film as well.

Shonali is quite excited about her foray into movie production and given her yen for TV drama, we are sure she will churn out a potboiler. We wish her all the best.


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