Over the years, certain iconic dialogues from Bollywood movies have rendered some new dimension altogether. Dialogue delivery and situation of these dialogues have been used by the masses in Memes and Dubsmashes to give them a funny impression.

Top five Serious Dialogues

1) “Mere Karan Arjun aayenge”

An extremely hopeful mother waiting for her sons’ return cracked this dialogue amidst an over the top dramatic background score. This all made sense when you watched the movie. But when the humorists laid their eyes on this dialogue and presented it in their own way, it sounded rather very funny. Have a look at these links:

Funny Dubstep video

Baba Sehgal video:

2) “Mere Paas Maa Hain”

This dialogue from Deewaar can well be regarded as the most emotional dialogue of the century, considering the context of the movie which led to its outcome. That fact, in itself, probably gave away all the ingredients to garnish this dialogue with some funny toppings. Have a look at these links:


Movie Gulaal:

3) “Paro ne kaha sharaab chod do…”

Well, another dramatic dialogue of its time, now serving as a funny content. Watch the Baadshah of Bollywood, himself, joining the Dubsmashers by reciting this dialogue:

Shahrukh Dubsmash:

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4) “Tareek pe tareek”

This dialogue was a part of a very powerful monologue from the movie Damini. Here is the link to the monologue:

As always, the humorists had their own funny perception about this dialogue. Check out one such version in this link:

5) “Pushpa, I hate tears”

We are pretty sure that by all means, this dialogue had some really serious sentiments attached to it. But the way Rajesh Khanna delivered it, probably made it sound a tad funny. Watch it for yourself

And yes, we are not the only ones who think like this. Here is Baba Sehgal dedicating an entire song to this dialogue:

Did you agree with our choices? Have some dialogues to be added to the list? Please share it with us in the comments section.


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