Salman Khan during a media interaction for Tubelight was questioned about the burning India-Pakistan issue and the constant fear of war that both the countries live in. Both Salman and Sohail replied by saying that war is not a solution and is never right. Salman went on to say that those who give orders should take the guns in their hands and within one day the war will be stopped.

Last year also Salman did take up for the Indian government who conducted the surgical strike on Pakistan post the Uri Attacks.

“Terrorists the na? Proper action tha (They were terrorists. It was the right move). Ideally, it should have been a situation of peace between the two countries. Every action has a reaction and what happened now was our reaction to an action. In this stage, I think it would be better if we stay with a peace and spread love across the border. I think our action was proper because they were terrorists.”

But Salman has never been in favor of banning Pakistani artists from working in India. The actor defended the artists last year in the wake of all the controversies that surrounded them.

“Terrorists and artists are different. Do you think there is no difference between an actor and a terrorist? Actors come here with a proper visa granted by government. They have a proper work permit.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Salman Khan or not let us know.


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