We live in the age of inflated figures at the box office and denial by superstars of Bollywood that their ambitious big budget film hasn’t done the desired business after all. But Salman has shattered this unsaid norm and has acknowledged that his last Eid release ‘Tubelight’ hasn’t faired well at the box office.

As Tubelight hit the theaters on Eid, the reviewers gave it thumbs down immediately. With that, the diehard fans too refused to flock the theaters and the box office numbers just kept dwindling as days passed. News also started coming in that the distributors met Salman at his residence and discussed of compensating his losses.

“The distributors met Salman at his home, where his father, Salim Khan, was also present. Salman has agreed to compensate them for their losses” – A Source

But this was almost 2 weeks back and the losses incurred by the distributors were amounting to almost Rs 60 Crores. But looks like the producer Salman Khan did reinstill the ‘Yakeen’ in the distributors and found some middle ground and has agreed to pay the distributors. This news has been confirmed by his father Salim Khan.

“When a distributor suffers a loss, the producer needs to show some responsibility and share the burden. We, too, have done the same thing. We met a few of them and are trying to find a middle ground. We will pay back the distributors. We all have to work with each other in the future. So, it’s good that like-minded people come together and make a decision, which acts as a win-win situation for both the makers as well as the distributors.”

This might be the first time Bollywood producer /actor, in this case, Salman Khan has agreed to take responsibility and is compensating the distributors. But it is a common phenomenon with Rajnikanth as he has on record returned the distributor’s money twice, once for his 2014 flop ‘Lingaa’ and the other time with the 2002 disaster ‘Baba’. Though there has been unconfirmed news about Shahrukh Khan offering money for Dilwale (2015), Pahelia (2005) and Asoka (2001).

Rajinikanth in BabaRajinikanth in LingaaBut with confirmation on Salman Khan repaying his distributors this should be a big lesson and an eye opener for the other big-wigs to realize content is the king after all and not just fan following.


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