Salman Khan is known to love going on the Kapil Sharma Show but looks like this time the actor has given a miss to his favorite comedy show. To promote Tubelight Salman chose to do a show with Kapil’s rival Sunil Grover with whom he had a fall out some months back. Sunil Grover also, on the other hand, came back to Sony only for Salman Khan. In an interview to DNA Grover said, “I came back to Sony only for a very special person, Salman Khan. It’s a special show dedicated to his new film Tubelight.”

Salman with Sunil GroverSalman with Sunil Grover TeamKapil Sharma has not been getting A-lister stars lately and it is only after his fall out with Sunil Grover. Grover quit the show 2 months back and since then has been making appearances on Sony TV because he has a standing contract with the channel which he needs to fulfill.

Kapil with Sunil GroverBut Salman choosing to shoot with Sunil Grover and giving a miss to not Kapil Sharma sends out a strong message that talent sells and not just the name. Will other big stars follow suit? that time will tell.


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