Businessman, Producer, and Actor Sachiin Joshi created a huge buzz in the media when he recently bought the famed Kingfisher Villa. While his stylized persona has already wowed one and all, not many know that Sachiin Joshi is also a super sportsman. And although he owns a celebrity cricket team, his dream to be a professional cricketer remained unfulfilled due to a premature shoulder injury. But undeterred by the setback and driven by his passion, he always took time out for a sport that defines his ‘never say die’ spirit.

Currently in London at the much hallowed Mecca of cricket, the Lords stadium no less, Sachiin played a corporate match. With an unmistakable body language and the sprite of a professional cricketer, the man has proved his prowess yet again.

Sachin Joshi Cricket Win

Sachin Joshi Cricket WinsSJ’s team ‘Visionaire’ won the match at Lords, the zenith of cricket – that they were playing against a set of seasoned and professional cricketers shocked all and sundry. This man seems to be going from strength to strength, in almost every area of work and play.




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