While many hotshots complained about a rollercoaster in their personal and professional lives during the course of 2017, serial entrepreneur, actor, bizman and movie and media owner Sachiin Joshi simply lay back in the lawns of his super luxurious ‘King’s Mansion’ (formerly known as previous owner, Vijay Mallya’s ‘Kingfisher Villa’); opened up a bottle of his famed beer brand ‘Goa Kings’; strolled across to his Hollywood franchise, the original ‘Planet Hollywood’  resort hotel in Goa; ensure that his guests taste of his ‘Royal Oak‘ unique blended whiskey using his energy drink XXX as a mixer; or sip his premium mineral water produce, ‘Paani’ before hopping onto his private jet and zipping over to his international franchise in Mumbai, the exotic ‘Playboy Club’ and its many outlets across India to ensure the jetsetter of the country have a good time. Before retiring for the day in his plush Bandra home.

viiking-venture-sachiin-joshiBut it’s not easy being rich and famous. While other rich kids would loll about in their beds the next day, Sachiin is up bright and early, working out at his chain of gyms, ‘Trance’, catching up on his Entertainment news on Jinnions.com and zipping to his offices in his Rolls Royce, Bentley or his electric BMW (from out of ‘Mission Impossible’). Just 3 choices in a garage that is an endless paradise of Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Hummer Limos with Mercedes and BMWs mostly relegated to the back.

viiking-trance-fitnessIn the middle of it all, he simply jets across to London, Vegas or Zurich to film a song or a scene for one of his many movie productions.

No wonder he was awarded ‘The Most Inspirational Businessman of 2017’ by a big media house (amidst a bouquet of awards). This is just one of the many feathers in Sachiin Joshi’s multi-layered cap.

Yes, all of the above achievements, milestones and media magic have been created in the short calendar year of 365 (and a quarter) days. Not even a Leap Year. Whew!

Along with the launch of Viiking Finance (personal loans for small business), on the personal front too, SJJ (as he’s fondly called by his business associates) has a lot to beam about. His gorgeous wife, actress Urvashi Sharma (a.k.a Raina Joshi) delivered her second baby with the celebrity businessman. A boy it is! To give company to his sisters and probably head the Joshi empire of Viiking Ventures (the parent company of all these bustling businesses) one day. So thrilled was Sachiin Joshi at his family becoming a complete unit, that he gifted his wife a private jet on her baby shower. Talk of flying high! This was just a taste of jets to come. What with Viiking Ventures poised to get into the luxe Aviation and Plane Charter business as well.

urvashi-sharma-joshiviiking-aviationOh wait. The wonder goes on. 2017 was the year, Sachiin fulfilled his dream of padding up at the hallowed Lords Cricket Ground when he played a game there as part of his charitable organization, ‘The Big Brother Foundation’s’  contribution to a charity in the UK. It was part of a venture by like minded businessmen from across the world. And all for a noble cause.

His die-hard obsession for playing outdoor sports has also led him to own a cricketing franchise in the CCL (Celebrity Cricket League) called the ‘Telugu Warriors’. Unlike celeb sporting units where the sole idea is to make money, SJJ’s team delivers a sporting promise. So strong is the side that it’s won the CCL cup three years on the trot. That’s passion.

He also brought down the All Stars Football Club with huge names from soccer playing in India.

And like we said, he also forayed into Tamil cinema with his film ‘Yaarivan’, close on the heels of his Telugu hit film ‘Veedevadu’.

Sachiin Joshi movieSachiin Joshi was also awarded the Stardust Youth Icon of the Year in 2017

Sachiin Joshi stardust youth icon awardSeems like a blockbuster year already huh? Well, even as we speak, he has more films in Production (in Bollywood and in the South industry), some aces up his sleeve in the world of Finance and some great news on the way for gym and workout enthusiasts. All this already planned for 2018.

Does the man ever sleep? If we knew we’d tell you. But trust us, if you had such a good year in 2017 with so many launches and so many foundations laid, wouldn’t you be wide awake and planning 2018 in all earnestness?

Except that we never knew that Kings worked so hard!!! Must be some Viiking blood in his veins huh?


  1. Best wishes Sachiin Ji for 2018.
    May this year bring in more success and peace and Joy for you and the family.
    Warm regards,
    Jahangir Yar Khan

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