For years he has lulled us with beautiful stories. Stories of life in the mountains, stories of childhood, trains & travel, poignant stories of love. Stories of simpler times. Stories of ordinary people told in an extraordinary fashion. Ruskin Bond’s appeal has cut across generations.

His first book, a semi autobiographical ‘Room on the Roof’ was written by him when he was just 17 yrs of age. Ever since he has weaved enchanting stories like Night Train in Deoli, Time Stops at Shamli and Tiger in the Tunnel among many others. His novels like Tales from Forestganj and Delhi is Not Far take his readers through a wondrous ride of storytelling. And then there were stories like ‘A Face in The Dark’ which could send a chilling shiver through your spine.

Ruskin Bond’s magic lies in his art of simple storytelling and a way with words that bring sheer joy and a smile to the mind of the reader. His wonderfully crafted words and imagery linger on even after the book is read and put away. In fact, some of his works like The Blue Umbrella, Sussana’s Seven Husbands and A Flight of Pigeons have also been adapted into popular Hindi films.

We bring you some of Ruskin Bond’s most loved quotes

Ruskin Bond QuotesRuskin Bond QuotesRuskin Bond QuotesRuskin Bond QuotesRuskin Bond QuotesRuskin Bond QuotesRuskin Bond QuotesRuskin Bond Quotes

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