18-year-old Romanian, Alexandra Khefren shot to fame when she put up a call for an auction of her virginity that started from 1,000,000 Euros (6,85,79000 INR).

She put up an ad for the auction last November and soon enough got an offer for a hefty bid of 1.4 million $ (9,01,81700 INR) which she bluntly refused.

It looked like this obscene amount for the sexual transaction wasn’t enough for Alexandra. But on March 30th this year, the model got an offer which she simply couldn’t refuse.

An unnamed ‘friendly’ Hong Kong businessman finally bagged the rights to deflower her for a staggering sum of $ 2.5 million!(16,10,62,500 INR) Khefren made her announcement on Cinderella Escorts website, a Germany-based agency that sells virginity of teenage girls online.

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In a video by the New York Post, Alexandra says, the idea for the auction came to her when she watched the Demi Moore starrer hit film, Indecent Proposal! Also, the video suggests that her parents were totally opposed to this idea by her, though Alexandra plans to use the money to buy them a house! What’s more, Alexandra aspires to study Marketing at Oxford University in the future.

Meanwhile, Cinderella Escorts in a statement said, that they have got requests from over 300 virgins for selling their virginity through their site! Girls from Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, Arabic Countries and Asia!

Though the site has a strict code & criteria for approval & the way the whole deal is carried out!


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