Rishi Kapoor is angry and no it’s not the media that is the target this time, it is his own fraternity specifically the younger lot. With the passing away of Vinod Khanna, Rishi Kapoor took to Twitter to send out a very strong and curt message to the young so called superstars of today of being very shameless to not attend Vinod Khanna’s funeral.

Rishi Kapoor TweetWhile many seniors actors were in attendance, the younger lot was nowhere to be seen at the funeral. Mr. Kapoor then goes on to say that it is a reality check for him too and posted this as his second tweet.

Rishi Kapoor TweetRishi Kapoor at vinod khanna's funeralIt isn’t new that the younger generation of Bollywood doesn’t turn out to pay their respect to the veterans of Bollywood, what they do is mourn the death on social media. In this scenario isn’t it justified if Rishi Kapoor speaks his mind?

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