The Snoopy Ranbir

Ranbir Kapoor in a radio interview some time back just revealed that he does have an Instagram account just to keep a tab on who posts what. He also revealed that he snoops around and was probably the third or fourth follower of Katrina when she made her Instagram debut.

Ranbir also helped Katrina to pose for a picture for her Instagram page and Katrina went ahead posted the snap taken by RK.

Ranbir not ready to Face his Fear

Katrina Kaif gets candid on how Ranbir doesn’t like to face his fears and he has a vertigo problem. Ranbir is scared of heights and also of pigeons. Did you know that? But Ranbir’s answer to Katrina was kick ass! Watch the video to know more.

The Argumentive Kapoor

During the conversation, Katrina Kaif suggests Ranbir have a filter on his mouth. To think before speaking stuff. This because Ranbir taunted Katrina for not remembering doing Baar Baar Dekho just because it flopped. What followed next was an amusing argument which only lovers usually have.

Ranbir Hints at Katrina not Watching Tamasha Because of Deepika

Ranbir Kapoor did not leave a chance to put Katrina in a tight spot. During the interaction, Ranbir threw an awkward question towards Katrina to which she didn’t have an answer. Ranbir asked Katrina that why she never watched Tamasha to which Katrina didn’t have a reply. The actress was red-faced and had Deepika written all over.

When Ranbir knew Katrina’s Steps by Heart

Looks like Ranbir is the true lover boy. The actor while playing dumb charades was given the film Baar Baar Dekho and the actor went on to do the trademark Kala Chashma step. Watch on.


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