In 2015, Deepika Padukone helped Ranveer Singh let go of his Bajirao Mastani look. The video of the actress chopping Ranveer’s pointy moustache and his melodramatic reaction, later on, went viral within minutes.

This just happened !!!! @deepikapadukone 🙈

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But this time Ranveer Singh settled to do the honours himself but with all the melodrama of course. The actor went live while trimming his beard and moustache but also added that this time Deepika isn’t by his side and last time the actress was really elated after she cut his moustache.

From the looks of it, Ranveer did get way upset after he shed his hair and admitted that it will take him a while to get used to his new look. All this while the actor was in the get up of Allaudin Khilji’s older version for his next Padmavati. But now the actor has to shoot the younger portions of Khilji and hence the change of look. It’s almost been six months now that we have seen Ranveer donning the fuzzy look but now with all the fuzz taken care of the actor will surely miss his beard.

I'll miss you

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Shearing my sheepish look with you !

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Before Mundan – After Mundan

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Wonder what Deepika thinks of this new groomed look of Ranveer.

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