Arjun Kapoor yesterday posted a rather shy and a coy photograph of himself on his Instagram page and gave it a sweet caption.

“Smile more…everyone tells me…so I’m going to make sure I do !!! “

But as soon as the actor posted this snap, one of the first to comment was his Baba, Ranveer Singh. But Baba was more excited to invite proposals for Arjun instead.

“It is just going to rain Rishta’s now”

Ranveer invites bride proposals for Arjun KapoorWe wonder if Ranveer is keen to get Arjun married or just find a girl for him as Arjun on many occasions has mentioned that he is ready for a relationship and would love to share everyday ‘nothings’ with a girl. In a recent interview to Arjun had this to say.

Ranveer invites bride proposals for Arjun Kapoor“When you turn 32, you don’t like the feeling that you’ll just be by yourself for the rest of your life. At the end of the day, you need a partner. That vacancy exists and I would like to complete that emptiness with a live-in relationship. I would like to know somebody intimately enough to decide whether I can commit to her for the rest of our lives.”

He also went on to say that he would love to be his purest self in front of his lady love.

“I think that would fill the void of a partner, one you need for your everyday ‘nothings’. When you want to come back home and just do and speak about nothing. The person who’s comfortable with you sitting in your boxers or even running around naked. You can be your purest self”

Arjun Kapoor definitely seems to be ready for a relationship and if those who are interested in the actor you must listen to Ranveer Singh and pour in all the ‘Rishta’s’

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