Post break-up Ranbir & Katrina seem to have been avoiding each other at public events or at Bollywood parties but now the duo have had a public spat with each one trying to show the other down through a video.

Ranbir and Kartina 2017Before you run your imagination wild let us tell you that all this to promote their upcoming film Jagga Jasoos. Ranbir Kapoor released a video some time back which is a direct message to Katrina that his dancing skills are better than Katrina, opposite to what she actually claims.

But this whole fight started with Katrina’s video that was released 2 days back. The actress was seen bragging about she being a better dancer to Ranbir Kapoor and sacrificing so that Ranbir could shine!

If these videos are anything to go by and with the song launch event of ‘Galti Se Mistake coming up tomorrow we are sure there will be lots of fireworks and chemistry to be witnessed between the ex-lovers.


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