First, let’s get the basics out of the way. On a rainy day – stay warm, stay dry. Monsoons are time to venture out with the essentials – A raincoat, a pair of gumboots and lastly, an umbrella. Yes, the umbrella is just an add on coz when the rain gets torrential and windy – your umbrella will be the least helpful of the lot.

As a general rule when ‘its the season to be rainy, keep the house well stocked with candles, a torch, and emergency food items at all times. But on that day when you do get drenched to bone or are stuck at home for the long haul – here are a few tried and tested rain remedies that will see you through!

A hot shower

This one tops the list for the simple reason that nothing beats the feeling of a relaxing hot shower after getting wet in the cold rain. And totally on hygiene grounds – this is a must do once you step into the house. Just that essential step before pressing the snooze button.

Rain RemediesA bowl of soupy Maggi

Maggi is universally accepted as the go to ‘comfort food’ when the cold rain is battering down your window sill. The key is to make it just soupy enough for a wonderfully warm, savory and tangy flavor all at the same time. Slurp away.

Rain RemediesHot Chocolate

Hot, thick and chocolate-y – sometimes with a hint of spicy chili! Hot chocolate is the best concoction to soothe oneself on a cold, rainy day.

Rain RemediesMasala chai and hot pakoras

Chai with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom all blended in to bring out that blissfully relaxing aroma. Along with that an assortment of deep fried fritters – batter dipped onions, potatoes, and green chillis! This one is typically Mumbai’s answer to the continuously pouring rains.

Rain RemediesOld Monk Rum and good music

When the weather turns nippy – bring out the Old Monk Rum that was tucked away for a cold, rainy day. Have it your way along with some Raag Malhar or Pink Floyd playing in the background!

Rain Remedies

Warm Blanket and a Thick Fat Book

How many times on a grey, gloomy day with endless traffic jams have we thought, “Today is the day to stay home & read a book,”? Well, next time don’t just think about it. Do it.

Rain RemediesBoard Games

When an incessant bout of rains puts your phone and electricity on the blink – it’s the best excuse to go back to being a child – Board games are the best way to tease your mind when you’re stuck inside with nowhere to go. And if your flatmates or family are game – nothing like it!

Rain Remedies

Spooky Stories

Howling winds and rattling windows make for a perfect spooky story session! Nothing like a rainy day in when everyone’s bundled together, pitching in their favorite ghost stories!

Rain RemediesWhat’s your favorite Rain Remedy? Let us know in the comments below.


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