It is not every day that you get to hear uncanny coincidences that will make you get up and take note. With Vinod Khanna’s demise, we couldn’t help notice that Vinod Khanna and Feroze Khan’s friendship goes beyond this life too

The date Vinod Khanna passed away is the same day in 2009 his dear friend Feroze Khan also passed away. On 27th April 2009, Feroze Khan breathed his last just like Vinod Khanna who died 8 years later on 27th April 2017. Both the actors suffered from the prolonged illness of cancer.

qurbani-movie-posterIf this wasn’t enough Amjad Khan too shares the same date that of ‘27‘ as his death anniversary which falls on 27th July 1992. But what’s more surprising is that all three legends starred in Qurbani the 1980 hit film. With the death of the three stars of the same film that share the same date ‘27‘ as their death anniversary, we are sure they must be having a Qurbani reunion up in the heavens.


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