With her trench gown, Priyanka Chopra has surely won over all the fashion critics not only in India but also in the west. Take a look at what the various leading media portals had to say about Priyanka and her trench coat train!

“The red carpet this year was divided into Avant-grade, progressive looks and those that favoured classics. Chopra’s choice of outfit was a balance between both. One thing’s for sure, she knows how to make her presence felt” – Vogue

“The Ralph Lauren outfit was in keeping with the theme of this year’s ball, an homage to Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo, and won fashion plaudits from the moment she glided up the stairs.” – BBC

“Chopra was styled flawlessly too, sleeves effortlessly pulled up to her elbows, collar perfectly popped. Basically, she looked like the coolest girl on the carpet.” – Glamour

“Each year the towering Met Gala staircase makes for the ultimate dramatic train opportunity and tonight, Priyanka Chopra didn’t let that opportunity go to waste.” – Harpersbazaar

But it is the Twitterati that is having a field day at Priyanka Chopra’s expense. We have picked the best of the PC Memes that have been going viral on the net since morn.

Priyanka Met Gala MemePriyanka Met Gala MemePriyanka Met Gala MemePriyanka Met Gala MemePriyanka Met Gala Meme


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