When the first Baywatch trailer released last year, excited fans of Priyanka Chopra were in for a surprise. To say that they were disappointed with her blink and miss appearance in the trailer would be an understatement.

In fact, it fueled speculation that Priyanka’s role in the film was perhaps not as significant as she would have liked. And finally Dwayne Johnson doused the fire, with this pacifying tweet:

And now finally as the film inches closer to its release next month, the latest promo of the film showcases Priyanka Chopra as mean girl, Victoria Leeds in style.

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Priyanka fans can now breathe easy because it’s clear from the promo that she has a substantial role in the film, and of course we are cheering for our ‘Desi Girl’!

Check out Priyanka Chopra in her Victoria Leeds avatar here –


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