The Baywatch Indian promotion had a beach backdrop and Priyanka wore perfect white that matches her Victoria Leeds character. Though our desi girl was feeling flushed out and asked the AC to be turned up we think all that heat was just because of her presence in the room
priyanka at baywatch promo Indiapriyanka at baywatch promo Indiapriyanka at baywatch promo India
The Baywatch event in Mumbai started off with Dwayne Johnson’s message to the Indian media. Yes, that’s right, The Rock had some serious message for the waiting media and this is what he had to say.

” This is a very special message to the country of India. I have been told there will be a very big press conference where this will be played. This person is very special to me, someone who is incredibly talented, kind of sort of attractive and best part is this woman is as good being bad and I am talking about Priyanka Chopra. I am pretty sure I am making her blush right now. I am so sorry that I couldn’t be there. Priyanka and I talked for months to come to India but I am there in spirit. Make sure you ask a lot of questions about me cause it’s good for my ego.”
priyanka at baywatch promo Indiapriyanka at baywatch promo India
Beacuse the media had met Priyanka after more than a year, they chose to talk only about Priyanka. When questioned about her Ms. Leeds character in Baywatch, Priyanka said, “I wanted Victoria to be very feminie at the same time there is something very scary about her.”
Talking about India being stereotyped Priyanka said, “Yes India is very stereotyped but I make sure that when I walk on the set they know that I know my work very well and I have learnt this work from the Indian film industry”
Besides all the Hollywood news, Priyanka did confirm that she has locked 3 films but will only announce once her Quantico schedule is clear. Priyanka leaves for the US tomorrow and will be joining the rest of the cast of Baywatch for the US promotions.


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