Ghosts, Gore and Glamour – the heady combo that comes together on Halloween Nights the world over to usher in a season of theme parties and more! Hallowed carved pumpkins, blood themed revelries and gothic costumes – it’s the night that takes preparation and planning for. Looks are decided – the vampire or the devil, a ghoul or a ghost, blood or bones. Outlandish eye makeup and deep red lips become the preferred style statement. All for the ‘Spirit’ of Halloween!

‘Trick or Treat’ is the game for this night of spooks and pranks. And while glamour, chills, and treats beckon, little is known about where it all came from.

What is now one of the most awaited nights of the party season – can be traced back to the 16th century in Ireland and Scotland – where people dressed up as souls of the dead and went door to door asking for treats.

In fact, Halloween costumes and themes took on adventurous and exotic hues in the Victorian ages – influenced by gothic literature. And with the 70’s pop culture influences, the themes and costumes got more sexualized.

And then as they, there was no looking back! Halloween parties are where it can get sexy and scary in the same breath with no holds barred!

And while the concept of Halloween parties in India is still relatively new, if you’re looking for a party that will get glamour, sexy, bloody and scary just right on this night in Mumbai, head straight to Playboy Club on Saturday night! With a special theme revolving around the ‘White Walkers‘, the club is set to create the ‘Halloween Live‘ experience.

It’s where the Mumbai’s hottest, hippest and most exclusive crowd parties amidst the most scintillating display of lights, cocktails, and music. And on Halloween night it promises to be a night to remember with special Halloween acts, routines, dancers and bone breakers.

Be there to Party Hard and have the time of your life!

  • Venue: Playboy Club, Mumbai
  • Time: 9 PM Onwards
  • Date: 28th Oct, 2017


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