Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Known as the royal sign, people born within this zodiac sign are known to be kind and impressive.

Possessing masculine qualities, Leo is represented by the Lion. Leos hold purposeful strength in everything which is what makes them being able to accomplish their desires at it’s best. If your partner is a Leo then you can expect loads of affection being showered your way.

Here are some positive personality traits of Leo.


Leos are known to be kind and generous. They shed all their love to the one who dearly matter to them. Their big hearted nature is what makes them different from the rest of the world.


They are known to have the glass half-full attitude. They are the people who don’t get disheartened by the blocks on their way but instead work on the betterment.


The people belonging to the Leo zodiac sign are ruled by the Sun. Being said that, they are the people with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.


They are basically no nonsense people who believe in staying upfront with their actions. Honesty is something they value in their lives.


Leos are acknowledged for their loyalty among the people around them. You can completely rely on a Leo personality under any circumstances. However, they expect the same in return.

Great Leader

Being ambitious is their forte. Leos are born leaders and love to take their chances in showcasing their leadership quality.

Do you agree with these characteristic traits of Leo?


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