Pssst! Netflix has bid 120 million$ for the biggest film ever made, with the biggest cast and crew!

It’s true. The world’s biggest film ever has just been greenlit by Netflix, who’ve bid a whopping 120 million dollars to collect the most incredible talent in Hollywood. And make a movie with the best of any world casting.

Imagine this – a Martin Scorcese film. And starring Al Pacino, Robert D’Niro, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel as the faces of a mob film. And they’ve not even begun on the female casting yet. The movie is ‘The Irishman’, for which Scorcese gobbled up the idea of making a real life story about Frank Sheeran, a teamster’s official who confessed to killing dreaded mob bossman Jimmy Hoffa. This had made a sensation in the not so distant past.

Al Pacino and Robert D’ NiroParamount pictures were the initial studio that Scorcese was in talks with but backed out at bids hovering around a 100 million. A spokesperson was reportedly quoted as finding Scorcese’s project “too risky”. And “We are not in a position to take such a risk”. Fair enough. But Netflix saw it as a golden opportunity and jumped right in, notwithstanding the fact that the budget could go up to a head-swimming 150 Million US$. But that’s Hollywood and that’s Scorcese, Pacino, and D’Niro for you.

Salman and SRKNow imagine a big filmmaker like Aditya Chopra, Bhansali, Shankar etc, trying to cast SRK, Salman and even a Rajnikanth together? It would be a cracker of epic proportions alright. But will our stars go for it? At this stage – unlikely. So let’s focus on ‘The Irishman’ to shake the Box Office at the moment and leave our desi darlings to make up their minds for – whenever!


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