7 trendy hairstyles you must try during college days

Best College hairstyles you must try

Confused about sporting the go-to college hairstyle? Your hair is a precious asset; hence it matters how efficiently you style them. College days are probably the best ones in anyone’s life. We all eventually grow up and cherish the wonderful time spent in College. It is pretty widespread and exciting to just laugh our hearts out looking back at how we used to look and dress up during that time. Let us experiment a bit and make our college days worthwhile. You know your personality the best and I am sure you can decide what might look best on you but some great advice is always a great deed. Take a quick peek at some of the coolest hairdos you can sport during those fun days.

Cool College Hairstyles


Messy hair can just create some of the most outstanding hairdos ever. They can make you look elegant, casual and party ready all at once. There are a number of hairstyles that are very popular with messy hair such as the messy bun, messy pony, messy plates, messy fishtail and the list never ends. Try at least one of them out and you will notice that you stand out of the crowd.

messy college hairstyle


This is one haircut that you’ve got to a sport after you are done with your school days. Why later? Well, because we always have fringes done as a kid and the outcome is very cute. During college days getting this cut done will be a lot more than that. There is a chance that the fringes might not look great as they are, depending upon the shape of your face. Moreover, it’s the new look that might get into your head but it will definitely be fabulous. You can always give a slight partition to experiment with hairstyles.

bangs hairstyle


Yeah well, this is no cut but it is a trend that you must try out once during your growing days. Irrespective of the hair length, you can either get your hair colored in some color that gels well with your skin tone or maybe get a few streaks if getting a whole lot colored is a task for you. You are always going to remember this funky look and there will be many talks all your life about this experiment.



All of us plan on getting this haircut done at some point of time in life. There is always a need for us to visualize ourselves in that extravagant look, but we hesitate because of the dare to attitude required to chop off our hair without having an idea about the result. This is, of course, a valid reason but, think about your life; do you think you will ever get to experiment with a look like this so freely without any thought of cons? Well, you might but college is all about trial and error and so is the bob cut.



Wanna look different? Try wavy! Many of us are blessed natural wavy hair but some of us have either or curly hair. It’s always good to get out of the regular zone and try something new. Just go for regular waves that aren’t really curly but a lot like boho waves. You can leave them open or tie a pony or maybe just a loose bun.

wavy hairstyles


This is my favorite one. It is simple, yet stylish. Today you might have noticed many girls of all age group walking out in a bun of numerous types and look no less than a diva. It is a very easy hairdo and can be carried off in almost all occasions from casual to party. I think any girl of any hair type can carry off this hairdo quite impressively.

topbun hairstyle


This is a definite go to style for every girl. Fishtail can be sported a casual hairstyle and when plaited neatly, it could also go perfectly for any formal occasion. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can braid it up in wet hair. Also, this hairdo looks just fabulous on every hair color.

fishtail hairstyle

So, we had a look at some of the best hairstyles that you could flaunt during the perfect carefree age. Go experiment as much as you can. Have some hairstyle to share? Let’s discuss it in the comment section.


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