Remembering Mumbai Floods on 26th July 2005

26th July 2005 will always be etched in the memory of every Mumbaiker as the day of the Mumbai Floods. As unprecedented rain poured down on the city, the roads started to clog up – Add to that, the high tide made matters worse. Within a matter of hours, the city was virtually pushed to a shutdown… ATMs of several banks stopped functioning, airports had to be shut down and public transport came to a standstill. People were stuck in offices and children in their schools for over 24hours. Many walked home for hours in chest deep water.

The next two days were declared as Public Holidays by the government to help the city limp back to life. There were reports of approximately 1100 people losing their lives. Add to that many animals who died unable to flee in the rising water and houses destroyed. Some people died locked in their cars as the water rose.

But by the next day, stories of human spirit and survival filtered in amidst the Mumbai floods. People stepped out to offer shelter and food to the hundreds stranded out of their homes… People connected with one another and came together to help those in need. And that is the indomitable spirit of Mumbai – which bounces back every time it is knocked down.


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