Being faithful is the most endearing quality in our partners that we look forward to. During our love journeys, we undeniably come across people of diverse zodiac signs. While all signs are capable of monogamy, it comes easier for a few signs than it does for others. Needless to say, we all want a relationship that is well invested emotionally. Here are some general guidelines for each of the 12 signs. Although, these are not specific and consulting a psychic or an astrologer is much more accurate.

Is your Zodiac Sign Loyal?


The adventurous and unpredictable characteristics of the Aries can take you for a ride. They are not people who like to live in the same old pattern. They act far too quickly before considering the consequences. it is difficult to be certain about their loyalty.


If your partner is born in the sign of Taurus, then you are in luck. Being great planners, people of this sign usually are very careful in taking things ahead and believe in finding a solution to the obstacles that come their way be it a relationship or marriage. They are dependable and loyal in any commitment.


Geminis are not considered trustworthy. If you’re dating a Gemini, then you must really buckle up and be careful. They are usually considered uncertain and can move out of a relationship quite easily.


Cancerians are very emotional people and undoubtedly one the most faithful. They value their relationship to the core and if they really feel for you, they wouldn’t take a lot of time in making you, family. Something that might break your relation with a cancer zodiac would be some emotional damage done to them by their partners.


Leos are a little selfish which isn’t wrong according to them. If they don’t think that their partner connects perfectly with them sexually and intellectually, then they don’t think about anything else other than moving on. They are perfectionists and seek nothing less; unfortunately, not all relationships are perfect.


Virgos can be tricky. They are the kind of people who value and understand emotions more than anybody. They are the perfect souls when it comes to supporting their family and friends but that could change according to their feelings that aren’t really stable. They would make a wonderful life partner.


These are romantic souls. They can make a good life partner as they seek balance in their relationships. The only difficulty with these people is that they are never really sure about their feelings which can make it a little difficult for the commitment to be taken ahead smoothly. Libras are trustworthy and loyal.

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The Scorpion souls are surprisingly trust-worthy. The key to a long-lasting relationship with them is the mutual understanding and trust. However, if they have the slightest feeling that their partner is anywhere not satisfying their emotional expectations, then it is difficult to make them stay.


People with this zodiac sign are highly determined and prefer to stay free without any boundaries. They hate the complete theory of rules. If they want to be with their partner, then they will not really cheat on them to offend their ego; instead they would truly want their partners to break-up with them.


They are truly a gem when it comes to relationships. These souls generally are very patient and if they actually love you, then they would make sure that nothing goes wrong from any end in the relationship. Even if something goes wrong, they will be up to fix it. You are in good hands if your partner is a Capricorn.


It is very difficult to satisfy the expectations of the people with Aquarius sign. You really have to be very interesting and exciting. Such people are highly unconventional and independent. Honesty is their best trait, so even if they cheat then they would come clean.


They are very creative people with a world of imagination that they live in. They have a dual personality and it is very easy to get them disillusioned. They are loyal and trustworthy when are out of their creativity.

These are not the exact outcome and you can obviously not rely on the zodiac signs completely to move ahead with your relationship.
What’s your zodiac sign? Can you relate to the above-mentioned traits? Have anything to add? Share with us in the comment section.


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    wonderful put up, very informative. I’m wondering why the other experts of this sector don’t notice this. You should proceed your writing. I’m confident, you have a great readers’ base already!

  2. I’m Aries with a strong Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) in 7th house (or area of relationships) & honestly I’m nothing like the Aries traits mentioned here.

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