No one needs an introduction to DevBhoomi in Himachal Pradesh. Kullu also known as “Valley of Gods” is one of the most beautiful parts of Himachal. Whilemost of are familiar with the beauty of Kullu and the history of the Hidimba Devi temple, only a handful people know about the Great International Festival which happens in Kullu every year – Kullu Dussehra.

It was declared an ‘International Event’ in 1972 and every year the footfall is more than 5 lacs from across the globe. Watching more than 12000 plus local people doing their folk dance is an experience by itself. Every year thousands of travelers come from all over the world to explore this festival.

This legendary festival has various myths, stories, and anecdotes attached, each tale beautifully capturing the symbolic importance of the festival.

A Celebration, which is worth the experience The celebration goes on for one week & starts with a procession of Lord Raghunath, along with other deities. Dhalpurmaidan is the place where this festival is organized every year. The festival gets merrier with dancing, drinking and feasting for a week. Many renowned national and international artists come and perform every year during these days.

On the 6th day of the festival, all the deities assemble in the maidan and the sight is a must watch. This mega-festival witness the worshipping of around 250-300 idols from the adjoining villages of Kullu. The idol of Ragunathji is brought back to its original place through a grand procession.

The grandeur and celebration at Kullu Dussehra is something, which every visitor here will always treasure.

So save your dates this year to witness the colorful and rich culture of our country, 30th Sept to 7th October 2017. Happy Dussehra.


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