Katrina Kaif on Friday asked Alia Bhatt to do some charity for herself. What charity, we will tell you. Katrina Kaif in a press conference in New York was hoping for Alia Bhatt to win both her IIFA awards. Katrina made a statement that made us wonder that maybe, just maybe Ms. Kaif misses not winning an award ever for her acting.

“I want Alia to win both the awards she is nominated for so that she can give me one in charity”

Well, we all know Katrina has won several awards like the Entertainer Of The Year, The Most Stylish Actor of The Year, etc, etc. The actor though has never won a The Best Actor award. Clearly, Ms. Kaif has never been appreciated or given a thumbs up for her acting skills ever by the audience or even the critics.

Katrina wants Alia to win iifa awards 2017Katrina wants Alia to winLooks like the 33-year-old actress who is 11 years older to Alia is surely missing the big trophy in her showcase at home hence her only hope is Alia’s extra trophy. Don’t know about Katrina but we hope Alia Bhatt surely wins the big IIFA award.

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