Alia Bhatt off late has been keeping a check with her diet thanks to celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. Thanks to Rujuta, Alia and Kareena now share the same nutritionist. Because Alia is in the US for IIFA the actress is gearing up and sweating it out for her big performance on the 15th of July at the MetLife Stadium in New York.

But more than her performance, it’s fitness regime that’s on Alia’s mind right now. Bhatt has been making use of Reza, Katrina Kaif’s trainer who has flown down especially from the UK for the event is also helping Alia to stay in shape for her Bollywood performance.

Alia bhatt trainingAlia bhatt trainingKatrina Kaif Birthday 2017But what’s more interesting is that Alia Bhatt in an interview to CNN News has made it clear that Katrina Kaif’s birthday will be her cheat day and she will be definitely be hogging on some pancakes and delicious food.

“Usually when I am performing I have to make sure I am in good shape you know but 16th is Katrina’s birthday that’s when IIFA will be over so that will be the day for pancakes and food”

So everyone has their agenda in place for Ms. Kaif’s birthday and from the looks of it, Katrina Kaif’s birthday is going to be one big party night post-IIFA pulls down its curtains for 2017.


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