3 days after massive uproar against Karan Johar, Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan & their “Nepotism Rocks” chant and blatantly taking a dig at their colleague Kangana Ranaut on an international platform while hosting IIFA, Karan Johar has now made a U-turn and regrets the whole episode. In an interview to NDTV from New York, Johar changed his stance to ‘talent rocks‘ and not nepotism in the industry.

Varun Saif Karan at IIFA 2017“Of course I don’t believe that ‘nepotism rocks’. Of course, I believe that only talent rocks. If anything that rocks, it’s your talent, hard work and conviction. It’s the energy you bring to your job. What we said was meant to be a joke, which I think has been misplaced, misunderstood and I think it went wrong. I regret it.”

Karan and Saif at IIFA 2017Karan and Saif at IIFA 2017Karan also went on to take responsibility for the whole segment which miserably failed and forced their ardent fans also to speak against the “grown up kids” born with a silver spoon making fun at a Kangana Ranaut a self-made woman in Bollywood.

“The idea of that joke was entirely mine, so I take the onus of the idea of what we said. And I think we went a bit too far with the Kangana mention,” he said. Talking about the segment Karan elaborated, “No matter what I say or feel about my issues with what Kangana said on my talk show Koffee With Karan, I think I was raised to be a dignified, a chivalrous, and a decent person. That’s the upbringing that I was given and I feel that I failed on those accounts. I felt that no matter what my thoughts or personal issues on this, I should not have repeatedly brought that up. For that, I’m deeply regretful. It was something that we said in humour, it may be terrible humour, bad humour, misplaced humour, but our intention was not to hurt anyone. That very core is what failed. Then I got carried away at the moment and I regret that”

In the end, KJo also said that this was the last time he spoke about the topic or mentioned Kangana in his jokes and would be staying away from the burning issue for good.

“I want to once and for all say and close this chapter after this and subsequently I will not speak about nepotism nor Kangana because it would be distrustful for her and it would be ungraceful at my end, which I’ve already been. Nepotism is easy to access, nobody can deny that, but what you do with that access is what moulds you into a professional.”

Yesterday, Varun Dhawan also took to twitter and apologised for the brazen act he was surprisingly part of.

Saif Ali Khan too earlier clarified his stand on the nepotism joke and the backlash they got after the show was aired.

“I’m very fond of Kangana (Ranaut) and respect her achievements. This whole thing was never meant seriously and I thought it’s a joke against us more than anyone else (as clearly there is more to our achievements than nepotism!!) no harm meant.”

Kangana at iifa 2017As of now, Kangana Ranaut is busy with her shoot for her next, Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi and sources reveal that she doesn’t want to respond to anything else right now though she is aware of what happened in New York over the weekend. But knowing Kangana, the actress will surely respond to the “nepotism rocks” jibe at the right time and place.


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