Off late Karan Johar seems to be in a pensive mood. His past few tweets vary from congratulating his colleagues to posting trailer also tweeting his ‘Dear Thoughts‘. We get you 11 thought provoking tweets the filmmaker has posted and we definitely want him to keep up his witty side on the social media.

Karan Johar inspiring TweetsHis first Dear thought was about ‘Dear Botox‘ and Karan clearly had a message for those who load themselves with Botox every now and then. But this left us guessing as to which star, in particular, was he talking about as Botox is a go-to product for many in Bollywood.

Next on target was ‘Dear Delusion‘. Johar was clear that in an industry full of superficial relationships, delusion harms the most as it protects false egos.

Dear Airport Look‘ was the third time KJo tweeted his ‘Dear Thought’. From the looks of it, the director might be talking about himself. Was he in a self-motivating phase so that he could hit the gym soon?

Karan’s favorite! ‘Dear Twitter Trolls‘ was next on the radar. Karan has been a favorite for those who troll since he started tweeting in 2009. The director has often spoken about them as to how he used to get affected earlier but now he has reached a stage where he knows the trolls are nothing else but spineless and a farce.

Amongst all the sarcastic ‘Dear Thoughts‘ Johar had a positive one too. A message for failure!

He is famous for his pouts and the perfect selfie images he keeps taking or his industry friends keep clicking. But looks like the filmmaker is now tired of posing for his famous ‘selfie with a pout’

Off late Karan Johar has been hounded by the word Nepotism. Hence he dedicated his next ‘Dear Thought’ to Nepotism and it being overused. Seems like KJo is just tired of the Kangana Ranaut- Nepotism controversy that refuses to leave him.

Infidelity got Karan thinking and the director gave a whole new meaning to it. Though the tweet is cryptic, it definitely got us thinking as to whom is the tweet targetted to?

After all that thinking, Karan Johar finally spoke about ‘Dear Positivity‘ and how important it is to value it.

He even went on to predict the death of denim in his ‘Dear Torn Jeans‘ tweet

His latest tweet is difficult to decipher. Cause ‘Dear Opinion‘ exists everywhere, Bollywood, Media, Social Media. So, at whom is this tweet targetted?

Join the guessing game and comment as to who do you think these tweets from Karan Johar are meant for?


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